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Dec 12, 2012 11:35pm PST
dead on a university campus in oakland, california. in august and september, seven dead at a sikh temple in milwaukee, then six dead at a workplace in minneapolis. >> the ability to shoot and kill other human beings, to actually pull the trigger, requires the shooter look at these humans more as objects than other humans. when you're able to do that, it makes pulling that trigger so much easier. >> reporter: veteran fbi profiler mary ellen o'toole says the triggers for such random violence are not black and white. >> these shooters -- yes, can they have mental health issues? absolutely. but is the reason they're carrying out these crimes because they are mentally ill? i would say no. it's important to make that distinction because most people who are seriously mentally ill are far less violent than the general population. >> reporter: and you had never known him to want to hurt anyone? >> never. never. he never would hurt anybody. i mean, the only way that he would ever get him to be physically physical with you is if you're tickling him. >> reporter: today, the woman who raised r
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1